Course Description

The number one question people ask me? How to find funding for their business, startup or real estate. I put together a series of questions, videos and actual funding websites to help you complete your funding mission. 

Learning about 

short term funding

equity funding

debt funding

credit cards

merchant advance

What is quickbook funding?

How to get over 100 lenders to look at my business funding application at one time?

What are the differences in the paypal loans?

how much documentation to get funding?

what if its a brand new business?

what about office addresses?

how do other businesses find me?

why I should have two completely separate phone lines?

Ericka Williams

Course curriculum

  • 1

    What is the missing links?

    • Lesson 1

  • 2

    Getting ready

    • Get yourself ready

    • Where are you strong at?

    • 80% Of banks Do not use

    • Funding your Future

  • 3

    Ebook about types of funding

    • Big funding

  • 4

    Control First, Flip Second

    • Auctions


    • Warchest Part 2 Multiple Businesses

  • 5

    First Thing Most Business Owners Grab

    • Americans Love it

  • 6

    Bankers Gonna Bank

    • How to Get Around Bankers

    • Bankers gonna Bank Part 3

  • 7

    Online Business Stacking

    • How to save on taxes and ONLINE business stacking

  • 8

    All PDF slides

    • Funding List

    • Funding your business

  • 9

    Business Credit Extras

    • Important Video 1

    • Bonus Video 2

    • Bonus Video 3

    • Bonus Video 4

    • Bonus Video 5

    • 100,000 in business funding

  • 10

    Latest update list

    • Added Oct 12th 2019

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